Back-to-school excitement

As August comes to an end, the late summer nights leave as well. These past three months have gone by faster than ever, and the countdown to the end of summer gets closer and closer by the minute. It is time to get mentally ready for the start of another school year. Some students are thrilled to start fresh, while others are dispirited by the idea.

The start of a new school year can be exciting since everyone gets to see new people and friends. From the great sense of new school supplies to the enjoyable Friday nights, the beginning of the school year is not always that bad. However, from the opposite point of view, a new school year means quizzes, tests and exams. It means staying up late at night, not to have fun with your friends, but to finish homework or a project due the next day.

A couple of students gave their differing opinions on the good and the ugly of going back to school:

Emily Schmit (‘21):
“I am very excited to not have to stand at the top of the bleachers during football games anymore! However, I am definitely not excited for the extra homework and stressful exams.”

Chandra Chouhan (‘20):
“I’m really excited for the school year, so I can see my friends again and I’m also looking forward to being an upperclassman. However, at the same time, I am a little stressed because with junior year, comes a lot of hard classes.”

Sabrina Huang (‘19):
“Even though senior year is going to be stressful, I am excited to return to get the last of that ‘high school experience’!”