Summerfest 2018 hits it big with the student body


Ananya Rajesh

Ananya Rajesh (‘20) and her friends took this quick photo as they were heading into the official Summerfest grounds. Rajat Mittal (‘19) also went to Summerfest and expressed that Summerfest “was the highlight of my summer.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to the largest music festival in the world: Summerfest. Hosted at the Henry Maier Festival Park, the festival features many headlining and popular musical artists over the course of 11 days.

The artists come from multiple genres, gathering crowds of young and old. With music being an interest of all ages, Summerfest has been deemed the largest music festival in the world due to its high attendance. Summerfest is made up of 11 stages, with over 800 acts and 1000 performances. With 800,000-900,000 attendees every year, Summerfest is an event that you cannot miss. With such high standards at stake, Summerfest 2018 did not let people down.

This year’s Summerfest hosted an impressive group of headlining acts, ranging from popstars such as Shawn Mendes, Ke$ha, and The Weeknd, to bands such as Imagine Dragons, Florida Georgia Line, and Journey. Some artists – Shawn Mendes, Logic, Blake Shelton, for example – performed at the American Family Insurance Theater, a theater in which people have to buy seperate tickets to attend. Most commonly are the ground stage headliners, concerts that can be attended when the general entrance fee of $20 is paid.

Perhaps the most popular concert this year was Lil Uzi Vert’s, a rapper featured on the opening night of the festival. Student Abby Pasternak (‘20) stated, “a food fight started before the concert – it was wild. It was crazy, but super fun.” Other popular ground headlining concerts included Marshmello and Ke$ha.

Mary Quinn (‘20) described her overall experience by summing it up as: “it was a lot of fun just to listen to fun music and be with friends.” With this year’s Summerfest being a popular staple in many people’s summer, we all eagerly await the next Summerfest, knowing it will also be filled with joy, food, and fun.