Milwaukee buildings open doors to public for exciting annual event


Janet Otten

Milwaukee residents look outside the statuesque windows of the new Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Tower located in downtown Milwaukee. This year, Doors Open Milwaukee allowed 26,000 people to make its 117,000 site visits across the county in two days. The purpose of this event is to educate and encourage the people to visit places they don’t get the chance to go to. Kiana Ratay (’19) reminisces on the experience: “The new Northwestern Mutual building is accented by a pristine interior design. It will definitely attract new talent to Milwaukee.”

For the eighth year in a row, Doors Open Milwaukee invited Milwaukee natives and tourists alike to explore the city in all its grandeur. The two day event usually takes place during one of the last weekends in September and advertises a variety of buildings and companies that ‘open their doors’ to the public to tour.

This year’s Doors Open Milwaukee had over 170 buildings available for attendees to explore, completely free of charge, along with over 40 ticketed tours for those who wanted to learn a bit more about the areas they were exploring. The buildings and companies available for tours ranged from local coffee shops like Stone Creek Coffee, to stately hotels like the Pfister, to the brand new Northwestern Mutual Insurance building.

Briana Ratay (‘21) shares her thoughts on her Doors Open Milwaukee experience: “This was the first year my family went to Doors Open Milwaukee and we had a great time. Going to the new Northwestern Mutual Life Tower was definitely a highlight for us because it was beautiful and super classy”.

With each year that Doors Open Milwaukee continues, more sites are added, and more benefits and tours are available for guests, making the event more exciting. This year in particular, the new downtown transport system called The Hop was introduced for the first time.

Ratay finishes by saying, “I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun way to spend their weekend because there is so much to do and see!”