The Lodge member reflects on inception of band


The Lodge puts on a show in the BC black box during Lancer Block.

Vaughn Goehrig, Reporter

It all started in a dark basement with beat-up drum set, two cheap guitar amps, a string of Christmas lights used as an extension cord, and an innate desire to make music.

I first got to know Alex Doyle and Matthew Falvey in Sophomore year, when I quickly realized how musically talented the two of them were. They frequently wrote and recorded short, simple songs that were designed to make others laugh. Needless to say, I was beyond inspired by their creativity as a duo. Ever since I first started drumming ten years ago, I had wanted to play in a band. Even today, the prospect of performing with my closest friends is too grand to pass up. Soon, the three of us began jamming together, naive to the many opportunities that would be presented before us in the coming months.

After our first performance in the black box, I could hear our sound becoming more and more cohesive as a band, largely thanks to the addition of new members: Draza Kolpack and Eli Karian. Despite having limited experience with bass and guitar, the two worked tirelessly to add original voices to our repertoire. With their help, we began expanding our performances outside of BC, playing at both St. Dominic’s Fest and TosaFest this past summer.

Looking back at our block box gig on the 20th, I now see it as a celebration. The theater was filled with several of our closest friends, who we are dearly grateful for, and the set gave us an opportunity to show off how far we’ve come as musicians. Now that we’re back to BC, we have a number of upcoming performances, including Poetry Out Loud and the Key Club Dance Marathon. It’s hard to believe we’ve had a chance to play so much music for hundreds of people, but I am eternally thankful for it.