Brookfield Barracudas dive into season

With the season well underway and the first couple meets coming up, boys from Brookfield Central and East combine again to swim as the Brookfield Barracudas. Being part of a combined team provides a unique experience for every swimmer and connects students from both schools in a very tight-knit community. Every swimmer has something to look forward to this season and is ready to put in the work to make it count.

With 2 hour practices every day after school and weight training Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the varsity swimmers are putting in lots of effort to become the best team in the conference. The JV swimmers are also putting in their fair share of work, practicing five days a week alongside the varsity swimmers. Swimming is one of the most taxing sports on the body and also challenges the mind. It takes a strong student to take on swimming, and it also takes a team who always support each other to the fullest.
Everyone is excited to put all of their effort into every practice and to grow together as a team. “I’m looking forward to finally being on a high school sports team,” freshman Michael Long says. Long is one of three freshman training with the team’s varsity group, along with Brady Miller and Owen Tan. All of the freshman and new members of the team are in for a treat of surprises, traditions, and the excitement of swim meets.

One thing everyone is looking forward to are the swim meets. With the barracuda invite as the first meet of the season and conference relays shortly following, the varsity swimmers are ready to take on the competition. Then, the dual meets will begin and everyone will have a chance to compete.

“I’m excited for the shorter dual meets this year,” junior Ido Korabelnikov says. “Instead of competing in tri-meets with two other teams like last year, we’ll only be competing against one. There’ll be more competition.” Dual meets are more intense than invites since duals are meets against two teams, whereas invites are more of a traditional meet style. Every swim matters in a dual meet, and as a result there is an increased amount of cheering and team bonding. Everyone is there supporting, motivating, and pushing each other to be the best swimmer they possibly can be.

The coaches are also looking forward to this swim season. “I’m looking forward to seeing the boys achieve their goals as a team.” Assistant Coach Zache says. “These guys will grow as a family and I’m excited to see everyone’s progress.” Everyone this year wrote down their team and individual goals down on paper, and coach Zache is determined to help everyone achieve their goals, no matter how big they are.

The Brookfield Barracudas are determined to make this season their best one yet. With a lot to make up from last year, everyone is ready to put their full effort into this season!