Kiese excels in final cheer season

Rena Gao, Reporter

Meghan Kiese of the BCHS class of 2019 has been involved in cheer since she was an eight-year-old in third grade. The length of her cheer dedication is rivaled only by the length of her full name: Meghan Su Fei Makanamaikalani Kiese

Way back in 2000, one baby girl was born on December 1 in Pearl City, Oahu. When she was just a few months old, she moved to Brookfield with her mom and her older brother. Fast-forwarding about 18 years, Kiese is Team Captain of the BCHS cheer team and the MCU.

But who is Kiese really, you ask? Well, in her own words: “I’m a mommy’s girl…partly because I don’t have a dad.” In all seriousness, Kiese has exactly three interests: cheer, shopping, and binging TV shows like Riverdale .
She attends cheer-related practices seven days a week, which is more dedication than most of us have for school. This still isn’t enough for her, apparently, because she has tried out for and received the position of UCA Staff Counselor. This entails teaching routines to numerous cheer teams at six to ten different summer camp sessions.
In her non-cheer-related downtime, Kiese can always be counted on to have numerous tabs open to any number of online shops, and while we might bully others for such shopaholic tendencies, Kiese’s late-night browsings did, after all, earn her the Best-Dressed senior superlative, so we suppose all’s well that ends well.

In addition to all this, Kiese is the loving owner of a five-year-old chihuahua named Carson and a “very old” cat named Kasey, and the less-loving owner of two golden retriever puppies named Honey and Bear. “We have fish too,” Kiese says. “They’re…fish aged.”

After she finishes her incredible run as a Brookfield cheerleader, Kiese will be attending the University of Alabama and plans to continue her cheer career there, and despite her COMPLETELY unfounded fear of not making team, she remains optimistic.