Should you date in high school?

Emily Otten, Online Editor

Teenage romance is idolized in countless movies, books and songs. All of these different forms of media are pushed towards teens, telling high schoolers that dating in high school is the status quo – but that’s not the case. In fact, most kids never end up dating in high school for one reason or another, and save romance for college, or even after that. A few adults even question if teenagers should date at all; that dating is harmful to teenagers. Sometimes, some parents even ban their children from going on a single date. Even with all of these varying opinions, teenagers should have the opportunity to date in high school, and should try to date if possible.

High school is overall a fun experience, especially when it comes to hanging out with friends and going out, there isn’t really a big pressure surrounding dating. Of course, experiences differ from person to person, but being a teenager should just be about learning and having fun; therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to learn about what it is like to be in a relationship, and how one feels about relationships. High school dating is generally a low-stress environment, there isn’t really any worry about having a defined future or stressing about moving in together – it’s just fun.

Though, if you do not have a date, or do not have any dates on the horizon, you shouldn’t stress about it either. Sure, high school relationships, like I previously mentioned, are fun, but they are certainly something you can live without. Some people feel a lot of pressure to get into a relationship, and even begin to date because of that pressure. However, that just makes a relationship boring and it sucks the fun right out of it. High school relationships aren’t made for some people, and that is perfectly fine. It’s much better to be living happily by yourself than unhappily with another person.
n all, if you want to date in high school, you should. High school is an opportunity that you might not get later in life, so you have the chance to try new things out and learn with your experiences, which is what makes dating in high school so interesting. Still, if you aren’t interested in dating in high school or haven’t gone on a date, don’t feel pressured to. Some people just learn new things later in life. The movies and songs pushing the idea that dating in high school is required, don’t apply to everyone. Dating is definitely not necessary, and it is different for each and every person. The main thing to remember about relationships and dating in high school is just not to worry. Whether you have a date or not, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy your experiences and cherish the time you have with your loved ones.