Planning the perfect date

Niyati Hansaria, Reporter

Step 1: LOCATION. Meet up with your significant other and decide what activity you both would enjoy doing. Make sure it’s an activity that you BOTH like, so that either you or your date don’t spend the time hanging out with the trees in the background while the other enjoys the date-turned-”me-time.”

Step 2: FOOD. Choice of food is a must, because without a full stomach, you can’t have a full time of fun. Make sure that you decide either on a go-to comfort place that you know you both love, or if you’re both feeling adventurous, head out for something new. (Make sure you look up the Google reviews first, though.)

Step 3: GIFTS. If your date truly appreciates you, you don’t need to overdo the gifts and “extravagantize” everything. Keeping it simple is the way to go. Enjoy one another’s company, while adding maybe just a little bit of an element of surprise. That way, you won’t have to worry about an extreme number of details, and you can just let the day take its course.

Step 4: PHONE. Keep the cellphone exposure to a minimum, Because remember – your date is sitting in front of you, not on your Instagram feed, or YouTube homepage.

Step 5: HAVE FUN. As you both spend time with one another’s company, make sure that you laugh, smile, talk and tell each other how much you appreciate them. Words and small little gestures go a long way, and will make your special day even more memorable!