Block scheduling stresses AP students

With block schedule splitting AP classes into either first or second semester, high-achieving students are forced into uncomfortable time constraints when it comes to studying for and eventually taking their exams. Whether your AP classes were mainly during first semester or second semester, preparing for your exams comes with some inevitable struggles due to this block scheduling.

AP students with classes during first semester have somewhat of a benefit over those in classes during second semester. Due to the fact that the classes end prior to the exam dates, students are able to complete all of the course material in time for testing. However, since these classes end so early in the year, it takes a lot more effort to retain the information. Opal Sharma, a freshman taking the AP Human Geography exam, shares her opinion on this dilemma, “It’s so difficult to keep track of the content I learned in first semester in preparation for the AP exam!”

Rather than worrying about forgetting the material, AP students with classes during second semester must put in extra effort to be able to have learned it all by the time testing comes around. With exams beginning around a month before the end of the school year, second semester students must study recently learned information preceding the exam, simultaneously cramming in what would be learned in the coming months.

There really is no benefit to taking an AP exam with the block schedule. The exam will either force you to collect information from a four month old class or present you with information you never truly had the opportunity to learn.