Advantage, Lancers: Girls Tennis team’s chemistry prevails


Jon Vogt

Manasvi Paturu (‘21) goes through her warm-ups in preparation for a match. “Being on the tennis team has not only helped me become a better tennis player, but I also learned a lot about myself and made a lot of really good friends,” she says.

The Brookfield Central Girls Tennis program is in the midst of yet another successful season, producing countless victories both on and off the court. While the players’ tireless dedication and unmatched work ethic translated into wins during the matches, it were the relationships formed outside of practice that created such a connected and united team. Varsity player Elianne del Campo (‘20) elaborates on this point by recounting on team traditions performed earlier this summer, stating with great enthusiasm, “Every year we have a team car wash to fundraise money for the program and our uniforms.”

She continues by further explaining the event, which in regards to length “usually lasts more than five hours, so it is a great time to see how everyone can work together and bond.” Furthermore, the team also throws an annual team sleepover to allow the players to grow closer on a personal level. Indeed, del Campo describes the party as an “awesome bonding experience,” demonstrating the value of such events to a team’s success and chemistry on the court.

Moreover, the coaches of the Brookfield Central Girls Tennis team not only encourage the players’ to develop close friendships, but they also stimulate the growth of each individual by teaching valuable lessons. In fact, del Campo relays that they have improved her “mental toughness” during matches, a crucial element in the game of tennis. “I think my coaches have contributed a lot to my progress so far,” del Campo continues, “and they are always there for me if I ever need extra practice to improve my game.”

This combination of commendable coaching and an environment built upon trust and friendship has provided the foundation for a great season. “My season is not over yet, but so far, I’ve mostly enjoyed this season because of my team,” del Campo remarks thoughtfully. “We are all very supportive of each other,” she continues, “and I love that.”