Seniors emerge victorious at Powderpuff game


Alan Herzberg

Senior Carissa Kinnart (center) runs the ball to the endzone in hopes of scoring a touch- down. In the last moments of the game, Kinnart (‘20) scores, leading her team to victory.

Every year, the junior and senior girls get the opportunity to show off their football skills as they compete in the highly spirited Powderpuff competition, and this year, on October 9, the seniors finished on top. The juniors and seniors would practice once a week for a few weeks before the game to prepare and give the best performance possible. Under the coaching of Ben Peterson (‘21), Jawad Qureshi (‘21), Cam Devine (‘21), Brock Potter (‘21), and more, the juniors would have practices on Sundays prior to the game in order to create their optimal plays in advance. On the other hand, under the coaching of Rashad Lampkin (‘20), Sawyer Carlson (‘20), Matt Zepecki (‘20), and Zik Okoro (‘20), just to name a few, the seniors would have practices every Sunday night as well.

Once the game started, the seniors took an early lead with their first touchdown by Emily Busch (‘20). As the quarterback of the senior girls, Emily Busch put on an outstanding performance in the field for the remainder of the game. “I think this year powderpuff was a ton of fun because we were all really motivated to win after losing last year. Being a close game, it made it even better” Busch claimed about the game.

A few minutes later, the juniors stepped up their game, and tied the score 7-7 with a touchdown from CJ Romero (‘21). Fellow o-line member Bella DiPiazza (‘21) recalled her experience, stating, “Being in powderpuff was so much fun, it was a way that I was able to hang out with all my friends, juniors or seniors”.

Just as the game was about to end, and it seemed as though it would be a tie for the seniors and juniors, senior Carissa Kinnart (‘20) scored the winning touchdown, releasing tremendous energy across the class of 2020. Emily Berger (‘20) was one of the many overjoyed players to see the seniors win. “I remember chasing after Carissa on the field trying to block girls, but when she scored, I knew we had won. I was so excited that I ran to the end zone to celebrate the final touchdown,” Berger stated.

The intense rush that came with the win for the seniors will be a fond memory as they look back upon their final year in high school. As for the juniors, they all certainly seem to be motivated to rule the powderpuff field next year.