RUN-believable season for Girls Cross Country


Submitted by Natalie Winn

The BC Girls Cross Country team huddles together before the Eagle Invite at UW Parkside. Junior Varsity finished in second place – just one point away from the first place team.

What do you get when you combine over 30 girls, countless miles, and tons of fun? The answer probably will not surprise you; it is the Brookfield Central Girls Cross Country team! From personal records to team victories, the girls cross country team certainly obtains a reputation as one of the most successful sports at Central. Although the team has its fair share of fun, these great accomplishments could not be achieved without hard work and dedication.

Led by Coach Lorie Lewis, the girls cross country team practices every day of the week except Sunday. To the average person, the intensity of cross country seems intimidating, but the cross country girls are accustomed to the strenuous schedule. When asked about the most difficult part of country, freshman Abbey Turner states that “The mental barriers you have during a hard workout are challenging to overcome.” Nevertheless, Abbey and her fellow teammates have managed to conquer these psychological difficulties. Workouts range from three to eight miles, and the girls run daily without complaint.

Thanks to their tough practice schedule and devout commitment, the BC Girls Cross Country team consistently achieves success at meets. In September, the team won UW Parkside’s Angel Invite by 72 points. Julia Neustedter (‘21) led the varsity race with second place overall, and Lizzie Mauermann (‘23) placed first in the junior varsity race. The meet featured a five kilometer course with various daunting hills. Although cross country meets always present a challenge, the girls agree that their work during practice pays off. Abbey Turner acknowledges that “Seeing how much you improve after all the workouts” is her favorite part about cross country.

The girls cross country team balances their hard work with team bonding experiences. Before every meet, the group gets together for a carbocram: a night of bonding, laughter, and homemade food. Junior Sarah Blaha states that her favorite part about cross country is the closeness of the team. “Being able to run with such nice girls supporting me is so helpful. I have met so many friends from cross country, and I love being a part of the team,” she says. While carbocrams are a favorite activity among the team, lakefront runs are also quite popular. The frequent bonding experiences between cross country team members make for a close group.

With such a strong team, BC Girls Cross Country will undoubtedly end the season with a successful finish. The BC student body will be right behind them in support as they progress toward their state championship.