Dare to Serve: Key Club Week is recognized schoolwide and encourages member participation

“Our members are continuously being servant leaders in many fields.” – Feng (‘20)

38 countries. More than 266,000 members in the world. “Providing its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.” Brookfield Central is fortunate to have its own Key Club led by amazing students and staff. November 4th marked the beginning of Key Club week here at Brookfield Central.

Kicking off the week, “Show your K Day” allowed members to wear their key club t-shirts while bringing recognition to the club. Tuesday, November 5th was “Kudos to the Key Players” day. Riley Feng (‘20) says that “the most important day was ‘Kudos to the Key Players.’ This is where we recognize all the influential people in Key Club that allow us to perform the amazing service that we do. We got to recognize Mr. Blaha and Mr. Nelsen for all of their hard work in making Key Club so great at BC!”.

Wednesday marked “dare to care” day which encourages the club and members to support others. According to the official Key Club website, “Key Club has three preferred partners — UNICEF, March of Dimes and Children’s Miracle Network. Take time to focus on service projects that help support these causes, such as making non-slip socks or capes for your local CMN hospital.” Key Club meetings occur most Thursday mornings. In the spirit of Key Club Week and “Random Acts of Kindness” day, members created positive notes that are located in the hallway. Finally, “Connect-the-Ks, Kiwanis and Brookfield Central Key Club” day concluded the week.

“Elm Grove Golden K is the current sponsor of Kiwanis Club. They send Mr. Johnson as a liaison to all executive board and general meetings to check in with what Key Club is doing. The officials try to return the favor and attend some of their meetings. Kiwanis’ main role is to oversee the club and support them if they ever need help with certain service projects or other club ongoings. On Connect-the-K’s day this year, several executive board members went over to the Elm Grove Golden K meeting to give a presentation about what BC Key Club is up to as well as to tell them about how the members are continuously being servant leaders in many fields.” (Feng)

Key Club week went down in the books as a great success thanks to the hard work and tireless perseverance. However, there is always room for improvement. Feng says that “we could definitely get the whole school more involved with Key Club Week. Hopefully, in future years we can do a school-wide service project as well as challenge the students of BC to do one random act of kindness throughout the week.” There is no doubt, that Key Club will evolve and grow while continuing to serve the community.