What’s up with Anime Club?

Shefali Sanwal, Reporter

It started out as something small. Less than 10 people were in the club before it began in October. Now, Anime Club boasts more than 20 members, and it’s continuing to expand.
Anime club has been running for nearly five months now. In the club, members enjoy an hour and a half of anime watching, combined with discussion. Every Thursday, members have the option to gather and decide an anime to watch together. At the end of an episode, they hold a quick discussion about the show. Some previous things they have viewed include Demon Slayer and Spirited Away.

Though the club is considered by many as a simple pastime, to others, it has become a family-like community. In the club, strangers have formed bonds they will never forget, and fans have come together to enjoy the company of those they share similarities with.

In addition to watching and socializing, food is also a part of the club. On special occasions, food will be brought. Some items include ramen, popcorn, and pretzels. Anyone can choose to bring food, and anything brought will be well-received. After all, who doesn’t like food and watching a good show with friends?

But the club doesn’t always watch anime during meetings. Some days, they take part in other activities. For example, on February 27th, the club held a karaoke night. They had a wide range of singers, from absolutely horrible to tremendous. But there was no doubt that everyone had a good time.

Anime club is still welcoming more and more people, and is growing to become even better. If you want to join, contact any one of the presidents—Samantha Burkowitz, Hannah Castrillo, and Kahlil Towns. Or, feel free to ask any one of the members.