The Start of the Music Man

After a year’s hiatus, Brookfield Central theater bounces back on the fall musical with The Music Man

As November 19 approaches, the cast and crew continue working hard to get everything ready for The Music Man. “There is a lot of hard work involved, but we are really starting to see things come together,” says senior Michael Long (‘22). This is especially exciting to hear since the fall musical is less than a month away. 

The Music Man is a Broadway musical that follows the story of Harold Hill, a salesman who makes a living by conning people, and is played by senior Nishant Namboothiry (‘22). Harold Hill talks the people of River City into buying instruments and uniforms for a band he promises to organize. Little do the people of River City know, Harold doesn’t know a thing about music and plans to skip town with all of the money he made from this scheme. However, he meets Marian, a librarian played by senior Isabella Hansen (‘22), and ends up falling head over heels for her, which makes it a lot harder to leave the town. 

But the story is not the only highlight of the musical. “My favorite part of the fall musical is the people! I love working with our team of directors, and the students are always so dedicated and enthusiastic about performing. It makes our job so easy and fun to work with students who care about every detail and work together as a team to create a successful show!” says Mrs. Hickmann when describing her experience working on BC theater. Not only does the theater program deliver performances that leave audiences speechless, it also brings the school’s community together. Long (‘22) adds, “I have a tight-knit group of friends from theater that is always supportive,” when reflecting on the impact BC theater had on him. 

Many seniors are preparing to say their last goodbyes. Hansen (‘22) stated, “Right now I’m very excited but once the show’s over I’ll definitely be a bit sad but it’s a great way to end it all,” when talking about how she feels performing her last fall musical. Namboothiry (‘22) agreed, saying, “ when I was a Freshman, the Seniors warned me that high school would fly by in the blink of an eye. I’d argue it was even faster… I’m proud of all the over-the-top productions BC has done throughout the years.” 

The cast and crew are putting in a lot of time and effort to make sure this show is the best one yet. Namboothiry (‘22) adds, “especially with this being Lueck’s last show, I encourage everyone to buy tickets and watch his curtain call on the show that is BC theater.” So, make sure you don’t miss out and go buy tickets to this year’s fall musical, the Music Man, showing November 19 to 21.