Honoring Black History Month at BC

“What month is it?” 

“I don’t know, February?”

Yes, the second month of the year is February, but it’s also Black History Month. Contrary to popular belief, BHM was first developed all the way back in 1915 and is not a recent fad. In its foundations, the NAACP first dubbed it as “Negro History Week. By the 1960s college campuses had adopted Black History Month, progress sprouting from the civil rights movements. By 1976, BHM was officially recognized by President Gerald Ford, stating, “Seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” The 2022 theme for Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness promoting the legacy of Black scholars and practitioners as well as a myriad of other roles. 

Here at Brookfield Central, Black History month has gained successful traction in recent years. For the past two years, during announcements, an impactful black scholar, political figure, or everyday person is highlighted for their accomplishments and inspirations during its respective month. Also, Brookfield Central has seen the growth of the Black Student Union, a student created group with the goals of celebrating diversity and further education into African American history and culture. In honor of Black History Month, there are weekly films during Lancer Block, focused on African American roles and culture, and anyone is welcome to join. Black History Month has done a number on the status quo in America, and here at BC, there have been promising steps made by our very own students. However, there is always more progress to be made.