The questions regarding BC Football

Marley Gamrat and Ashriya Rajesh

Football is a highly praised and appreciated sport throughout the world. It is a big deal to a lot of students, on and off the field, and the stands are always filled with roaring fans. However, unlike past seasons, this season our Lancers didn’t get the outcome they wanted which was a shock to many people. The shock was furthered when many began considering the money that gets put into the football team, the amount of coaching they get, and the amount of practice they put into football. How was it that the team had so many resources yet were stopped short in achieving their goals?

Coach Bieck, one of the team’s many coaches, offered insight into this. He wanted it to be noted that their team was smaller in size than most teams. Their tallest player was 6’1 whereas the majority of East’s team is over 6’0. A majority of the starters were also out due to injuries, and throughout the season more and more players were getting injured. This does offer a decent explanation as to why the team didn’t do so well.

On the other hand, Trinity Banda, a senior as well as one of the Lancer softball captains, wanted to share her take on this. She believes that other sports are not receiving the same amount of praise football does, despite various other sports winning championship games. She states that this is “a little discouraging to the players that put in the work to win.” However she understands that praise is about popularity and many sports aren’t as popular. “Any team that works hard and wins games deserves recognition.” She also would like to see girls’ sports gain awareness and become as supported as the football team. Girls’ sports should get the student body’s appreciation because they put the same amount of effort into their sports, and that all forms of athleticism should be celebrated in BCHS’s community.