BC’S Class Councils: Ready to Take On the Year

This year’s class councils are made up of powerful voices devoted to bettering the student body. The Freshman Class, for example, is ready to start making Brookfield Central more comfortable for everyone and to hear students’ ideas to make BC a better place. Class of 2025’s President, Ojas Sharma (‘25), describes how his biggest goal for the year is to “make my class happy and satisfy them with the actions I will take this year.” Outstanding class council ideas are not only created by freshman, as the Class of 2024 and Class of 2023 Presidents, Maggie Feng (‘24) and Parker Neumeier (‘23) have developed plans to help the school community. “I re-ran for president this year because I wanted to continue the success of our council and the things we’ve done to support our class. I love listening to my classmate’s ideas and being able to make those visions realities that benefit our entire class and make this an enjoyable environment for everyone,” explained Neumeier. The Class of 2024 President, Maggie Feng, had similar words to share despite this being her first year running: “My biggest goal is to raise upwards of $2,000 this year for the class of 2024 in order for the class to be in a comfortable financial situation going into junior year”. The Senior Class had an odd occurrence of no competition across the board (other than secretaries), and had already convened to set up large events such as the Senior Sunrise party before school began. Across grades, BC’s class councils are ready for a successful year.