BC Ski and Snowboard Club Hits the Slopes

he ski and snowboard club had its first trip on Thursday, December 9th at Alpine Valley Resort. The other trips were January 7th, January 13th, and January 20th. December 16th was a set ski club date, however it was canceled by the director. The club director, Mrs. Hayden created two extra makeup trips on February 4th and February 11th. 

The kids go to the BCHS private room. They check-in through parent volunteers. They receive a Student Card. If the students paid for rentals, they will receive paperwork to rent ski boots and skis or snowboard boots and a snowboard. They may have also paid for a meal card that would apply to the cafeteria. Once the kids get their snowboard and skis, they have to go to a validation check. On the first trip, they go down the hill and have Alpine Valley professionals give a level of difficulty. The highest level you could get is black diamond, then blue square, then finally green circle. During the validation check, the workers are looking for control and safety. They don’t care how fast you can go; they want you to be able to slow down, stop, and not hurt others. After the validation check, the kids are given tickets to certain hills. They can go to any hill allowed and ski or snowboard. The kids are allowed to come off and rest anytime and possibly get some food.

Many students joined the ski and snowboard club. Anaya Backliwal is a freshman, intermediate skier who joined to “spend time and hangout with friends.” Backliwal says, “Ski club is a good stress reliever from all of the heavy homework and it’s nice to have time set aside for talking with my friends and being outside.” Freshman, Sophia Armstrong, states, “Skiing is always fun with family but it’s also nice to get to meet people who enjoy doing the same things as you.” Armstrong also enjoys having “a little freedom while skiing.”