Arcane is an action show released in November 2021 based off of the hit game League of Legends. It follows the plot of two sisters, Vi and Jinx (Powder) fighting the rich city of Piltover, the abused city destroyed in the wake of Zaun’s war. However, those in Piltover uncover many new technologies and the citizens find themselves in trouble. The tensions take a peak when hextech (a way for anyone to control magic) is discovered in Piltover. Shortly after, in Zaun, a drug that transforms humans to monsters called shimmer, arises. A few other characters by the names Caitlyn, Jayce, and Viktor join Jinx and Vi throughout the episodes creating divots and rifts among the already complicated relationship the two sisters have. Jinx is the youngest on the show and the future loose cannon villain that everyone will come to love and fear. All she wants is her older sister’s validation and craves to be useful to her group, but she becomes an unstable mess and very violent after a traumatic experience. Vi is the older sister who is the future Piltover enforcer. She is strong willed and will do anything to keep her friends and family safe from danger. The show was ranked in the top 10 netflix shows for quite some time and was loved by the audience. The emotional connections with characters and phenomenal story line brought it over the top. The show pleased both League of Legends fans as well as people who have never played the game. The animation was highly praised by critics as well as it’s audience. Overall, the show was very loved by everyone who watched it and hooked everyone instantly.


“The style is beautiful of course, but they really put the effort into filling out so much detail, it’s almost hard to believe. The way light moves in every scene, and the reflections from dust suspended in the air, and the intricate completion of every background in every frame are details that elevate Arcane from being a really impressive animated show to being a totally unique experience. Plus the vocal performances are all brilliant, delivering just the right amount of intensity in the best possible timing. “

(Tim Fluharty- Rotten Tomatoes)