Sing 2

Sing 2 tells the story of an up and coming theater producer, Buster Moon, and his cast of amazing actors and singers. Moon tries to embrace and use every opportunity he gets to boost Moon Theaters (his production) to the next level. In this case that means getting in with Jimmy Crystal, the big bad wolf of the theater world in Redshore City, both literally and figuratively. Crystal is the CEO of Crystal Entertainment, a dominating production company with numerous connections and highly acclaimed theaters. This could be the big break that Moon Theater needs. Now, all they need to do is empress Crystal. Simple…right? 

The characters play a vital part in this movie. Here are some of the characters that have carried over from Sing 1: Meena, who can sometimes be the elephant in the room, but has a truly pure heart; Johnny, a monkey of many talent; Rosita, the sweetest pig in the world who knows how to handle almost anything that’s thrown at her; Ash, a rockstar who knows how to steal a show; Gunther, a star that’s not afraid to shine; And last but not least Ms. Crawley, the assistant who has an eye for all sorts of things that makes sure things run smoothly. In Sing 1, the audience really got to know these characters and their struggles along with how they got past them. But, in Sing 2, each character is portrayed in a way that makes you feel as though you are truly connected to them. Kids can connect to the aspirations, dreams and hopes of the characters, and even understand the hardships and barriers the characters are up against. The dream to be a star, and to spread music to everyone around them is the goal of most of the characters which is relatable to kids in many different ways

 A few new characters have joined the cast, including: Clay Callaway, the once “king of the jungle” in music; Porsche Crystal, a spoiled, but talented artist who knows her way around the theater and company; And Nooshy, a street dancer with mean skills and a big heart. The character development of each of these characters is incredible. By the end of the movie, I was left with all these mixed emotions about each of them since they were all portrayed as if they were real human beings.

Personally, I found Sing 2 to be an amazing movie, maybe the best family movie of the year. It not only had positive messages and themes for kids, but it also had takeaways that impacted even me. The cliche message, “never give up” was highlighted throughout the story, but when thinking deeper about it, I realized that there’s more to it than that. The most impactful scene for me was when my favorite character, Johnny the gorilla, with the help of Nooshy the bobcat, didn’t allow a bully with more power and a higher social standing than him to steal his thunder. This really stuck with me because I think that it’s a huge life lesson to learn to never allow anyone to take advantage of you. The fact that this is preached through what is thought to be a kids movie shows that Sing 2 is way more influential than it seems. Another impactful lesson that is taught through Sing 2 is that when bad things happen, it’s important to grieve, but it’s more important to learn and move on. Clay Callaway is introduced who has completely shut out the rest of the world because of a traumatic event. Throughout the movie, not only does this character come out of their shell, but they also learn that moving on is just as important as grieving. 

I would totally encourage everyone to take time to watch Sing 2. Even though it’s technically a “kids” movie, it still has important messages even for adults. But above all that, Sing 2 is a really fun movie. So, if you’re ever bored, wanna listen to some good music, or even just laugh, then Sing 2 is for you.