Leiden Mbunte

Matilda (Suha Muqeet) and Miss Honey (Isabella Krynicka)

This year the BC Theater performed Matilda: The Musical, an adaptation of the Broadway show based on the novel by Roald Dahl. The four performances were held in the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of November. Both cast and crew worked hard after school and over the weekends beforehand to prepare: building sets, practicing the large song and dance numbers, and working out kinks in transitions. At the same time, the pit orchestra was working hard to perfect their arrangements of the musical score, including the extravagant number, “Loud”. 

Daniel Zhu (‘23), who played the flute in the pit this year said, “This was one of the few songs where the spotlight was shared between the cast and the pit; The fast tempo and Latin feel also made this piece very fun to play and of course, we got to play loud.” The song not only included a large part for the accompanying pit, but also a Latin-style dance sequence. Midway through the song, couples dressed in flowy costumes entered behind the three main characters, Miss Honey, Mrs. Wormwood, and Rudolfo (played by Isabella Krynicka, Lucy Heideman, and Braden James respectively). They all began this dance break while the pit orchestra played below except for Miss Honey who was lifted up into the air by dancers as one of the few stunts pulled off by the actors. Others included a “little kid” (played by Malena Sorrentino (‘26)) being thrown off stage and an impressive leap by the character Miss Trunchbull played by Andrew Kindler (‘24).

Along with colorful and upbeat songs like “Loud”, there were also many songs that plucked the heartstrings of the audience. One such song was the duet “My House” sung at the climax of the plot, which was a crowd favorite. “Before Isabella Krynicka sang ‘My House’ every show, the little kid ensemble would change into gym clothes and arrive at the very end of her song for our scene,” said Andrea Della Penna (‘23). “I remember we were in the middle of a show when I realized that I was early for my change. Standing there, back behind all the drops at the very back of the stage surrounded by dim lights lighting the small passage, I heard Isabella’s voice echoing through the theater, and I just stopped in my tracks.” During the song, the stage was dark with a single spotlight on Krynicka and her scene partner, Suha Muqeet (‘25) who played Matilda. Even though it was a much simpler scene compared to many others that had larger sets, more cast on stage, and more action, this scene was by far one of the most engaging and moving scenes in the entire show.

The show sold out all four performances. Ticket holders were not disappointed as Matilda presented new things the BC Theater had never attempted. 

“Was the show perfect? Absolutely not. But did we enjoy doing it? Did the audience enjoy watching it? I certainly think so. And that’s the end-all goal of any show,” said Della Penna.