BC Girls’ Swim to Success with 7th place at State

A “swimmingly” event


Carissa Donkersgoed

400 Freestyle relay Left to Right: Kennedy Rainwater, Carly Plate, Sophia Brueggeman, Anya Brueggeman

Back in early November, the girls lancer swim team went to Waukesha South High School to swim at the 2022 WIAA State championships. For some, it would be their last swim meet on the team. Lily Horvath(‘23) reminisces about what it was like to swim her last race with the team, “It was very heartfelt because these girls made swimming so memorable and enjoyable. We always pushed each other to reach our goals and try to motivate each other.” For others, it was their first time swimming at state, so it was a new and exciting experience for them. For Anya Brueggeman(‘25) having suffered from a back injury that hindered her from swimming last year, swimming at state for the first time was rewarding. “I can’t describe how much energy and joy everyone had. I felt very accomplished to be competing in state, all the hard work of swimming for hours and lifting weights in the morning paid off,” she says.

The girls team, having spent almost three months together everyday, developed a unique bond with each other. They accomplished many difficult sets together through the motivation and encouraging words of each and every person. They made it through every duel and invite meet by standing behind each other and cheering behind lanes. Of course, difficult sets and difficult swim meets came with obstacles. Sophia Brueggeman(‘25) who was also on the diving team, mentioned the struggles of balancing school and swim life, “the biggest obstacle that I faced was having a busy schedule and managing my time.” She continues on, “I learned to balance challenging classes, swimming practices, diving practices, and weights sessions.”

The girls overall did exceptionally well. With many best times achieved and school records being broken, including the 400 freestyle relay, where S. Brueggeman, A. Brueggeman, Kennedy Rainwater(‘24), and Carly Plate(‘23) rebroke the school record from last year. The girls swim team also placed 7th overall at state, the highest place the Lady Lancers have ever placed in 22 years, which was an amazing accomplishment. Many commented on how awesome the team was this year, Bruggeman states “I was very proud of how the team competed,” and Rainwater expresses how much the team deserved this accomplishment, “every person who qualified deserved every bit of success they earned.” A fitting end to the high school swim season for the girls.