Sit Down with Elia Heuse – A Belgian Foreign Exchange Student

Interview conducted on October 2, 2022

Q: How many languages can you speak and what are those languages?

A: I can speak three languages: French, English, I learned Dutch, and I learned some Spanish too.

Q: Why did you decide to learn English?

A: I think it’s the most spoken language in the world and I want to study at an International College next year so I need to be able to speak English because it’s the language which I’m going to speak during my classes.

Q: Why did you choose to come to study in the US?

A: I wanted to see the culture of another continent, to see more of the world before I go to college. I also wanted to see if I was able to be alone in a new place with new people, to see if I can be more independent and meet new people.

Q: What are you most excited about for this year?

A:  This question is really hard because I’m really excited for all the new things like my first day in an American School, discovering cross-country, seeing a badger, Brewers, or Packers game, to go to Michigan and Puerto Rico with my host family, to try to be in the basketball team and the football Games.

Q: How is BC different from your school in Belgium? What’s the same? What’s different?

A: Everything is bigger here, especially the gym part, sports are not included in our school in Belgium, we have to go to clubs after school and it’s not everyday like here. And the system is not the same, we have seven or eight different classes every day and each one of them lasts for 50 minutes.

Q: Has anything surprised you about American culture? If so, what?

A: People are really welcoming in the US, if you go into a store or somewhere else people are going to ask you, “how are you?” or talk to you. In Belgium, it’s really more difficult to talk to people and have a conversation with them. I was also really surprised by the buildings and the stadiums, they are all huge.

Q: What fun things have you done since arriving here?

A: I went to Michigan my first week here. I went to Madison to see a Badgers game and in Green Bay, a Brewers game last week, Fall Festival, apple picking, Cross Country meets, and football games.

Q: What sports/clubs are you involved in at BC?

A: I am on the cross-country team. I am really happy to have discovered this sports team because in Belgium if you like running there are no teams. You have to run alone or with friends, there are no coaches for it. I am also going to try to be on the basketball team because it was my main sport at home.

Q: How is the food here compared to Belgium?

A: It is not really different. I was scared to have unhealthy food here but that’s not the case and I love the new food that I tried here like peanut butter and Mexican food.