BC Spain Trip

Over the summer, eight Brookfield Central students traveled across the ocean to the glorious country of Spain.  There, they visited six different cities, all with their own unique cultures and traditions: Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, Granada, Sevilla, and Barcelona.  In each city, the group visited many different castles, cathedrals, and famous landmarks where they learned about the country’s rich history. They learned about famous royals all the way to how mass was run differently for the lower and upper classes. “I learned a lot about the history of Spain when it came to how each leader left their mark in the country, especially Ferdinand II and Isabella’s unification of Spain,” said Trent Reay. 

In between tours, the students were given time to go out and explore, as well as find some delicious Spanish food for lunch.  In some places, they could sit down and order a sandwich or potatoes with a special sauce and in others, they ordered out and took their food with them on a walk around the city.  “My favorite place that we visited was Toledo because I loved the winding, narrow streets. They were so fun!” said Anna Saer.

During the trip, the students did many activities together and enjoyed some free time shopping or relaxing in the hotel rooms.  In Barcelona, some of the students went up to the roof to enjoy a cool dip in the pool.  During these times, when nothing was planned, the students made new friends and enjoyed each other’s company.  “One of my favorite memories is when we walked all the way down to “New Toledo” and got to see a light show put on by drones for the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy for Castilla La Mancha,” said Julia Lange.  “It was also a way to see how the “night life” in Spain is and the differences from the US and to see Toledo at night.”  Overall, the 2022 trip to Spain was a lot of fun and a great experience of another culture.