Back to School Updates

Aramis Zaiser, Reporter

As students start out their new school year, they may see that many things have changed. Although it may have been easy to get used to the new routine, the following article contains a list of things that have changed in our school over the summer. 

Starting out one thing students may have noticed is the new library area. Upon walking in, you can notice a new carpet, new television screens, new paint, and many teacher workspaces and conference rooms. Students can also observe more chromebook charging stations, and a newly renovated robotics room for robotics club members. Although this may look like the finished product, the librarian Mrs. Frayer assures that more furniture is to arrive soon, and more additions such as roller shades are to be expected. Be sure to stop by in this new space to look at new additions to the library such as Steven King books, which are perfect for the school’s new silent reading sessions.

In addition to the new frequent silent reading sessions, there have also been other scheduling and organizational changes. Students may have already noticed that their Lancer Links have been sorted better into the same grade as well as alphabetically. Although it is not yet confirmed, students can expect to keep their current Lancer Link teacher for their remaining years at BC.

One other huge change to the school has been the pool. After a full gut job which includes new epoxy floors, an HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), new concrete blocks, and repaired pool parts. There are also new locker rooms, new bathrooms, and new showers. Students like Valerie Champagne have been enjoying it a lot and even say, “I like how spacious and new everything is”. The pool renovations are definitely one thing that many people are proud of and will enjoy.

Finally, there have been new classes as well as teachers added to our school. For new classes, there is Writing for College (which gives college credits), regular Precalculus, and regular Human Geography. Some new teachers will include Mr. Fitzpatrick, the Orchestra teacher, Mrs. Hancock, an English teacher, Mrs. Riordan, a Physics teacher, and Mr. Jablonowski, a Biology teacher.

After our first month back from break, hopefully, everyone has enjoyed and even used these new changes and resources to the fullest, and will continue to use them until the end of the year.