BC’s Marvelous Mock Trial Team


Mock Trial team after their first scrimmage, @BCmocktrial Twitter

In the past month, BC’s very own Mock Trial team has been making records in BC Mock Trial history. In our January Knockout Tournament, Team One, which consists of Mock Trial Co-Captains Swarit Pakala (‘23) and Sanjana Srinivas (‘23), as well as Akshita Tirumalaraju (‘23), Gabrielle Stawski (‘23), Liem Rao (‘23), Joel Thomas (‘23), & Ram Vaidhyanathan (‘23), won 2 out of 3 rounds, and they currently have a 9-1 win-loss ratio. Team 1 consists of all seniors who have mostly been in mock trial since middle school. Team 2 (Alana O’Neill (‘23), Nitya Madadi (‘23), Chelsea Moore (‘23), Richard Lobo (‘23), Ashriya Rajesh (‘25), Sadhaya Senthilkumar (‘25), & Tanishka Soni (‘23)) came in first place in their division and currently have a 10-0 win-loss ratio. Team 2 is made up of a majority of seniors with 2 sophomores who will be next year’s Mock Trial team captains. Team 3 (Bhavyaa Saxena (‘23), Shefali Sanwal (‘23), Wyatt Brom (‘26), Rahhim Qureshi (‘24), Yash Prag (‘25), & Abigail Wilson (‘24)) came in third place in their division, going up against a state winning team and only losing by one point. Team 3 currently has a 4-1 win-loss ratio. They also have 3 newbies on the team while the other 3 have been in Mock Trial for a few years. Team 4 (Shreya Gupta (‘26), Aanya Regmi (‘26), Oviya Siva (‘26), Stella Hu (‘26), Prisha Parajuli (‘26), & Tracey Shi (‘26)) also came in 3rd place in their division. Team 4 is also the only team with all freshmen from WHMS Mock Trial. 

Now this following Saturday, all the teams will compete in Mock Trial regionals to hopefully represent our school at State, just like last year. An exciting update this year is the addition of a homicide case. It’s the State of WI vs. Maple Mattox. Maple Mattox, an 18-year-old high schooler who just graduated Clearwater High School, and their friends, Peyton T.A. Cruz & Tam Casper, decided to solve the mystery of the Southern Slip. The Mystery surrounding the fact of finding the bodies of 6 hikers that died due to the peril of the Slip. Although the Southern Slip is closed off to the public, these three set off to solve the mystery on the night of their senior trip. Unfortunately, they went as the three musketeers, but only returned as 2. Now the main question is, was Maple the one who caused the death of Tam, or did Tam slip on his own…we may never know. All 4 of our teams fought both on the prosecution side and the defense side of this case to either convict Maple for first-degree intentional homicide or first-degree reckless homicide or to prove Maple innocent. Our win-loss ratio shows that all teams had either successfully been able to convince the jury to convict Maple or to find her not guilty.