BCHS Choir: An End to Another Year


BCHS Choir Concert Credit: @bcchoirs Instagram

On Monday, May 22nd, Brookfield Central Choirs, led by Mrs. Hickmann, had their final school year concert. Like every year, this concert is always bittersweet for one key reason…the seniors. Before the show started, there were Pre-Show solos sung by a few seniors just to showcase their talents before the main concert started. As the concert began, there were many uplifting and upbeat songs sung by all the choirs, and then came the senior song and the tears. For the senior song, the seniors sang Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart, a slow and soft song whose lyrics hit the hearts of everyone in the audience. For the second to last song sung in the concert, Streets of London, we had alumni from the class of 2022 to the class of 1991 which was such another tear-wiping song with both new and old alumni and students all together on one stage. This song is the one tradition that BC Choirs upholds every year at this concert to bring together everyone from BC choirs at least once before saying goodbye again. This year, the seniors also had a little surprise for Mrs. Hickmann. After the senior song was over, one of the seniors ran backstage and got Mrs. Hickmann flowers and a card that they all signed before the concert began. For many years to come, the BC Choir Spring Concert will be one of happiness with a touch of tears due to saying goodbye.