Class of 2024 Prom Meets Student’s Hopes


Coronation of Prom King and Queen Credit: Alan Herzberg

Prom season is always thought of as one of the highest pinnacles of a high school student’s tenure. The hours of planning and talking with your friends and parents all culminate in the culmination of one night. Guys rush in last-minute rentals while others have had their outfits planned months in advance. The nerves tingling heightened as the line gets shorter and shorter on the grand march. This year’s prom was no different. After over several hours of ceremony and dance, there is no question that the student body truly enjoyed the excitement surrounding prom.

Junior Aren Robinson (‘24)  reflected on the night as, “One of the best of my life for sure.”

Others were critics of the food and the dance, but the majority agreed the time spent with their friends would be a lasting memory. The dance lasted around three hours, DJed by Mr. Fuchs. With frequent mosh pits and screaming their lungs out, students found themselves needing water breaks frequently, to recover from their exertion. Overall, the experience was memorable for many. Post prom complemented the Casino theme, with blackjack tables to win chips for the raffle as well as tables of food more accustomed to the student’s taste, like wings, taco bars, mini donuts, and soda. The raffle was also a big hit, with huge prizes won like wireless headphones, two TVs, cash prizes, and an Apple watch. 

The coronation of Prom King and Queen was not a surprise to many when Uche Okoro (‘24) and Maggie Feng (‘24) were voted in. There was little dispute over these selections, a reflection of their presence and affinity amongst the junior class. Okoro joked, “A king never crowns himself,” after friends attempted to snatch his crown. 

Brookfield Central’s 2024 prom was a hit, to say the least.