Sarah Brown Flies Onstage as Wendy


Sarah Brown (’16) and Landon Quin (’15) pose for the camera in the costumes of Wendy and Peter Pan as they rehearse for BC Theater Department’s production of Peter Pan.

Margaret Hamm

At one point in time, almost everyone has heard the story of Peter Pan.  Whether you’ve seen the Disney movie, read the book itself, or maybe even gone on the ride that is in Disney World, Peter Pan has been a part of many people’s childhoods for years.  However, experiencing this story becomes much more different when you see it play out before your very eyes, performed by some of your very own fellow classmates.  The story of Peter Pan, as well as of the Lost Boys, the Indians, the pirates, and the Darling children is coming to life at the Wilson Center November 20, 21, 22, and 23.

Junior Sarah Brown has the opportunity of a lifetime this year playing Wendy Darling in the BC Theater Department’s production of Peter Pan.  She has been enjoying every moment of her time in rehearsals leading up to the big performance. “Playing Wendy is such a unique experience because of the flying and because I get to interact with all of the cast members.  Everyone in the cast is so nice and fun to be around, which makes the whole experience ten times better.”  Brown has also enjoyed developing the character on a deeper level and learning more about her.  “I identify with a lot of aspects of Wendy’s character, which makes it easier to play the role.”

Even though Brown has thoroughly enjoyed every part in the production, getting to fly is one of her favorite parts of the entire process.  Although there is a lot to remember and many safety precautions to keep in mind when flying, Brown says that it is a truly remarkable experience overall.  “The flying is absolutely amazing, especially since I will probably never have a chance to do something like it again.  It feels a lot like the belay ropes when you’re rock climbing except a little more jerky.”  Everyone is anticipating seeing Sarah, as well as the other actors who will be flying, make it look effortless come the first performance.

Tickets are on sale now in the cafeteria and at the Wilson Center.  The show is sure to inspire and entertain people of all ages, so don’t miss this opportunity before it flies away!