Mr. Mohammed attends Learning Conference


Brian Li, Reporter

Physics teacher Mr. Mohammed was chosen to attend the CESA #1 Convening on Personalized Learning on November 3 and 4 to present his new teaching method, project-based learning. At the same time, he observed other examples of individualized learning . The conference was held at the Country Springs Resort in Waukesha.

CESA #1 was intended to allow teachers to share their experiences with individualized learning – when the teacher focuses more on each student’s interests and adjusts their lesson plans accordingly, instead of just teaching an entire class. 24 groups of teachers were chosen to present out of all the applicants.

Mr. Mohammed’s theme was project-based learning, where “instead of students working for a test, they work on a project through which students work toward the important objectives of the unit”. He had recently incorporated project-based learning into his AP Physics class. He hopes that teachers will soon shift from handing out tests to assigning projects instead

After listening to other teachers, Mr. Mohammed said his favorite presentation was also on project-based learning. “[The presentation] was presented by eighth graders at a middle school. It was interesting to hear it from a student’s perspective”.