New Bluemound Starbucks has a fresh atmosphere that appeals to youth

Sabrina Wang , Editor-in-Chief

When a new Starbucks was announced to replace Burger King on 17980 W. Bluemound Road, many people thought it was unnecessary to have yet another Starbucks in Brookfield. What sets this Starbucks apart, however, is its drive-thru option that gives people a real chance of getting Starbucks and not being late in the morning. In addition to the drive-thru, there is outdoor patio seating similar to that of the Einstein’s Bros Bagel on Bluemound.

I love going here during my Senior Privilege Option blocks to work on college essays, homework, or study for an upcoming test. Upon entering, you immediately notice that the ordering area is on the left and is hidden from the main dining area on the right. Three booths are blocked off from the main section, which I find very convenient. I wish there were more of them, however, as they always seem to be the most popular place to be.

For students looking for a place to host study groups, you might be in luck here! For smaller groups, take the booths. For larger groups, there are two large rectangular tables in the center of the main area that would accommodate nicely. Finding a seat here is sometimes a bit of a struggle for me even though I am there from about 10-11am, away from rush hours. Luckily, there is a power outlet at almost any table.

The interior design feels a bit more modern and indie than your average coffee shop; Everything is made from dark brown wood, including a unique ceiling design, and the added touch of a whiteboard gives a very relaxing vibe.

The only downsides I noted are pretty minimal when it comes to my overall experience. First off, there is only one bathroom per gender. The bathroom is very clean and spacious, but it does not make up for the wait. Something else I noticed is that the service is a bit slower than at Starbucks’ without a drive-thru, given that staff has to prioritize customers. Personally, I do not mind, but it can be a little bothersome at times to be waiting at an empty register.

Overall, I do prefer this Starbucks over the other ones in Brookfield mainly because of its overall atmosphere due the blocked off ordering and dining areas as well as the mood set by the dark wood furniture.