NHS lends a “paw” to the Elmbrook Humane Society

Brookfield Central’s National Honor Society gave members looking for an opportunity to volunteer the chance to bake cookies for the local Elmbrook Humane Society. The students were required to make at least two dozen cookies and were asked to package and deliver the treats to EHS by November 26th at the latest. These desserts were then sold by Elmbrook Humane Society on November 28th, Black Friday, for four hours, in their annual fundraiser “The World’s Greatest Cookie Sale.” According to Elmbrook Humane Society’s Facebook page, in addition to selling regular cookies, cat and dog treats were also sold to raise even more money for the animal shelter.

Lauren Chiang (‘15) was one of the many NHS members who participated in this club event. She said, “I signed up to make 5 dozen cookies, but since I made them with two other people, Rachel Krutz (‘15) and Daniel Lee (‘15), we ended up making a total of 15 dozen cookies.”

A total of 250 dozen cookies were donated for the bake sale. For those in the audience who don’t want to do the math, that’s 3000 cookies for EHS to sell, assuming that she meant a normal dozen, not a baker’s dozen. Add on to that all the other students that made at least two dozen cookies and it starts to make sense why Elmbrook Humane Society calls this sale “The World’s Greatest Cookie Sale.”

In response to being asked what her favorite part of the experience was and why she decided to do it, Chiang also said “being able to do something fun and that I enjoyed for a good cause. One of the reasons that I chose this event, and why it worked out so well, was because it was really flexible. It worked well with my schedule since there was no specific day that they had to be made, but rather just a due date to get them in to the Humane Society.”