Why I will always be With Her


Ravina Sachdev

Sachdev (‘19) hangs an American flag in support of the 2016 presidential election.

It goes without question when I say that this past election season has been unconventional, anomalous, and quite frankly, unbelievable. Never before has
this country seen such a face off between presidential candidates in the race to the White House. From the first ever presidential election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all the way to Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney in 2012, this nation has never witnessed such savage words exchanged between candidates in debates and through social media, which has played a crucial role in both the Clinton and Trump campaigns.
To begin, it was completely unprecedented that a world renowned businessman with absolutely no political experience would step up and run for president, let alone be the nominee for a major political party. It is undeniable that Trump’s lack of exposure to the realm of politics shines through in what he says and how he expresses himself. I would agree with those that say he has no filter when he speaks and no regard for others’ feelings. This can be understood from the many sexist statements he’s made about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, Sarah Jessica Parker, Megyn Kelly, Bette Midler, and other female icons.
What sets this election apart from others even more is the scandals and major controversies that both Hillary and Donald have been accused of. From Clinton’s private email account to Trump’s released video of him bragging about sexual assault, it has been incredibly hard for voters to identify their knight in shining armor. As a result, the Libertarian third party, led by nominee Gary Johnson, has never had so many supporters.
In my eyes, there’s no question on who should be in the oval office for the next four – hopefully eight – years. She is the most qualified candidate to have ever run for president, breaking a major “glass ceiling,” as her campaign calls it.
I’m with Hillary Clinton. She has the experience of being a former secretary of state, serving as the chief adviser of international relations and affairs.
Contrary to what Republican nominee Donald Trump has always said, Hillary Clinton isn’t just about talking and debating; she has accomplished many things that others have not even thought of. For decades, Hillary has fought for children getting the health care and proper education that they need to thrive in this country. She has devoted much of her time to helping the less fortunate, especially in the inner cities. This speaks volumes about her as a dedicated social worker and also sets her apart from other politicians. Hillary Clinton took a radical stance in September of 1995 when stating that “Women’s rights are human rights.” This very statement has been a driving force behind the feminist movement since then.
While it’s extremely hard to list every good attribute about Hillary Clinton, it is clear that she has the temperament, experience, knowledge, and endurance to lead the nation through what will likely be some of its toughest times.