Summer School: another opportunity at the comfort of your home


Elianne Del Campo

Bella Post (‘20) and Leah Cape (‘20), working on their summer school homework together.

Summer school is an amazing opportunity for students. If you get a bad grade in a class and you aren’t satisfied, summer school is a great way to not fall behind. Although our school does not offer a lot of options for summer school classes, it is a great way to get your gym credits out of the way or to replace a failing grade with a passing one. You can also get some of those required classes out of the way, including Personal Finance, Economics, and Principles of American democracy. These will make it so much easier for you to graduate earlier if that’s what you are interested in.

Even though our school does not offer many course options, other schools do. There are many classes offered at universities and other high schools that are open to BC students. That being said, some of them will cost you a lot of money. My suggestion is when it comes to summer courses you should take them online to get the credit for college. You can also work at your own pace and whenever you want. This is great if you are volunteering or working over the summer. I would try to stay away from AP classes over the summer because by the time the test roles around in May you will have forgotten everything. There are a lot of base core classes you can get out of your way over the summer so you can take more AP classes over the summer.

You could also take a college course over the summer to get a head start on credits for your future. Colleges like WCTC, UW Milwaukee, and Northwestern University offer courses over the summer at their campuses and so do most other universities. You could also take a college class online like I did so that you don’t have to take that class in college.

No matter what you decide, summer school is a great opportunity with very few downsides. Unlike during the school year, you can really make the schedule work for you by working at home or at work.

Only tip: make sure you sign up as fast as possible to get a spot!