Incoming freshman contemplate life in high school

The first day of high school is different for everybody, some are panicked and insecure, others are indifferent and some are excited, or a mix of all three. Everyone can agree that after a week or two of high school, people get the hang of what it’s really like, and start to fall into the normal status quo of the school.

“I think it [High school] will be like middle school, just bigger and harder” Matthew Mueller (‘22) predicts as an incoming freshman, “but I also think we will probably have more freedom and opportunities which is exciting”.

William Otten (‘22), another incoming freshman, has a similar thought. “With all the activities like football and basketball games, as well as many sports to choose from, I feel like it will be easier to grow into yourself a bit more”.

Like most teenagers or incoming freshmen, the boys like to focus more on the various extracurricular activities at Brookfield Central, however, they do consider the academic side as well.

“Personally that’s the scariest part for me,” Matthew comments, “I feel like now that I’m in high school with the ACT and SAT, I have to really start worrying about colleges. My main goal for this school year is to focus on getting good grades, because it really starts to affect my future now”.

Though both boys see high school as daunting, they are both preparing to have fun and grow along the way, which is truly what high school is all about.