Dancing in a winter wonderland


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Senior Ball King Daniel Zhu and Queen Audrey Kentz

Stephanie Chen, Editor-in-Chief

Music plays. People dance. Cameras snap. Outside large windows, white flakes fall. Senior ball 2019 is now in session.

The dance was held at the Silver Spring Country Club on January 19, the day after the end of first semester. For many, the timing was a plus. “It was fun to go to a formal dance with all of my classmates, especially since exams were over. It was a nice way to celebrate,” said Audrey Kentz (‘19).

Kentz was crowned queen later that night along with Daniel Zhu (‘19). Both were surprised to be on court, and even more so by their coronations. “It felt really weird because I didn’t think that many people knew me enough to have me voted on court,” said Zhu. Kentz echoed the sentiment as she described being named queen: “I was shocked and grateful! So many nice, amazing people were on court, and I was so happy to be up there with them. It was awesome hearing my name called and the support and applause I got from my peers. I won’t forget that feeling.”

With a detailed checklist and five dedicated officers, Winter Wonderland came to life the night of senior ball. “It helps that we all work really well together and have experience with planning dances. Of course there are some small issues that pop up, but they were nothing we couldn’t work out,” said Tess Jensen, the senior class president. Jensen advises future class councils to arrange for more food, saying “Taking pictures and dancing works up an appetite.”

For Jensen, seeing everything come together the night of was a “rewarding experience”. Her favorite part: the dancing. “Everyone is more comfortable because you are surrounded by people you’ve grown up with. I was proud of our grade for ‘actually dancing’.” Compared to other school dances, senior ball has less attendees and, according to Kentz, better music than prom. It also has a chocolate fountain, a senior ball tradition.

As another tradition, the senior superlatives were announced during the dance. While some many had predicted, others came as surprises. Jensen was most interested in the outcome for ‘Most Likely to Make You Smile’. “I had a hard time voting for just two people; there are so many amiable and altruistic characters in our grade,” she said. Zhu felt that most of the superlatives were well-deserved, but there was one in particular that he disagreed with: Best Bromance. “Taral and I totally had that one. You know it’s true.”

Kentz described the overall event as “memorable”, encouraging other students to give it a try: “Go out and dance! Enjoy yourself and live in the moment.” Zhu seconds the statement: “It’s the last, sorta big dance. Go and have some fun.”