Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Advice for Incoming Freshmen
  1. Join a Club or Activity

Joining a sport or club is one of the best things you can do as a freshman in high school! You can learn new things about the endeavor and yourself. You have something to look forward to and do other than school and classes. It gives you a place to relax and spend time with people who enjoy the activity and an opportunity to meet new people and create a network of friends at school. In fact, most clubs at Brookfield Central have low requirements and low commitment, and some extracurriculars may also allow you to explore your future careers and hobbies!


2. Create a course plan

Making a good, balanced academic schedule is a major key to a good high school experience. Use your resources of current or past students, the counselors, and your parents to get the best classes for you! Don’t be afraid to explore different fields of study in art, physical education, mechanics, architecture, and so much more. Stepping out of your comfort zone can allow you to experience new things and find something you love. Don’t pile on hard classes that you think will look good on your resume for colleges. Choose classes that will challenge you, but not overtake your life and stress you too much. Take into consideration your plans for sports and decide if a study hall may be your best option. Don’t take classes based on what your friends are doing, you can make new friends there!


3. Enjoy your time

Yes, of course, school is important, but try not to let it affect you too much. One bad quiz grade is not going to change your life in the long run. Try to enjoy your high school career and experience everything you can! High school flies by, especially terms 2 and 3. Go to that football game, try the new language, and go to the dance! Live your life and don’t let your schoolwork limit your fun and adventure! 


4. Be kind!

There are around 1,200 students at Brookfield Central and we all have different lives. You never know what someone is going through. Being kind by simply waving your hand and saying hello can make a big difference in their day. Talk to someone new or invite someone to your lunch table. It makes school so much better if you have friends and people to rely on and have fun with. 


5. Know school etiquette

Many new high school students have difficulty with certain new things. Typically, one of those is walking in the halls. Always walk on the right-hand side of the hallway and do not take up the whole hallway. If you are going to talk with your friends, do not stand in a clump disrupting the hallway. Go to a classroom or stand out of the way. Another is cafeteria etiquette. Do not leave your backpacks in the middle of the walkway. If you spill something on the tables, clean it up and throw away your trash. Also, there is no need to run in the cafeteria to get in line. There will always be food for you and everyone else. 


High school is fun and you have so much more independence and freedom. You also have more responsibilities and with these simple tips, you can totally handle them. According to some, these years can be the best of your life. Use your time wisely and honestly, being kind is the key to a good experience. We can’t wait for you to start in the fall!