Central delegates attend State Latin Convention

Teja Paturu, Reporter

Jan. 28-30, seventeen Brookfield Central delegates attended the State Latin Convention in Madison. Latin Convention is hosted by the Wisconsin Junior Classical League, in which schools from all over Wisconsin compete in Latin-related competitions. There were about fifteen schools, both public and private, with about 450 total attendees.

One of the first competitions at the convention was roll call. Each school sent two students to introduce their school through a short skit or sixty-second pop culture reference, and the funniest or best introduction won.

On the topic of Central’s introduction, Bipasha Sobhani (‘18) said, “Most other schools spend weeks planning elaborate skits with costumes and scripts, but as always, this year BC figured it out on the bus ride to Madison.”

The plan, according to Sobhani, was to “send Bruno Indig up to the podium alone to simply read off a script,” in which there were “several DJ Khaled references.” Though this may seem silly, BC ended up winning first place for this competition.

In addition to winning roll call, Garret Crider (’18) also led Central’s Certamen team to a second-place victory. Certamen can be described as a Latin trivia game testing knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, culture, and mythology.

Though the convention also included impromptu art, war machines, and bowling, Central’s delegates considered it a place to have fun, make friends, and appreciate Latin. Riley Wistrom (‘18) recalls that one of his favorite memories at the convention was with his roommates Rade Latinovich (‘18) and Garrett Crider (‘18). After realizing that one of the boys would have to sleep in the bathtub, the roommates called room service at midnight with an unusual request; they asked for a grand total of twelve pillows.

“The funniest part was just seeing how confused room service looked when they bought up all the pillows,” said Wistrom.

Sobhani remarked, “It ended up being one of the greatest weekends… that’s another major part of it. Everyone makes new friends or becomes closer with the friends they already have, and it adds to the excitement.”