HOSA creates unique opportunities for aspiring medical students


Larry Hipp

BCs Students of the Future Health Professionals (HOSA) club pose with fun anatomical representations of the human body and celebrate the end of their founding year, 2016.

Shreya Asok Kumar , Reporter

Not many high school students get the opportunity to dabble in their future careers, but thanks to HOSA (Future Health Professionals) club, BCHS students are able to gain exposure to the medical field. According to Teja Paturu (‘18), president of the club, “HOSA is a national organization that’s mission is to get students involved in exploring medical careers through community involvement, leadership, and competition.” In other words, HOSA is a program designed specifically to introduce students to different professions available in health and medicine. Students who are interested in science, especially in the medical field, may find HOSA worthwhile and inspiring. Through competitive events that include real-life simulations and knowledge tests, HOSA helps students who are fascinated by medicine determine if they wish to further continue their chosen profession. Additionally, this year, HOSA is planning possible opportunities for students to follow, observe, and interview real professionals. Therefore, through various experiences, students can get a taste of what the medical field might be like if they do decide to pursue it in the future.
Every year, the club performs a wide array of experiments grouped together into a science fair at Brookfield and Swanson Elementary High Interest Days. Last year, HOSA students dedicated a whole section just for crime scene experiments such as lifting fingerprints and DNA analysis. Despite not competing at the Wisconsin Dells state conference last year, the students hope to participate at the grand event this year. Victoria Kost (‘17) said, “The annual Dells trip is definitely one of my favourite events!” The trip typically lasts about four days, during which many competitions will be held. These competitions usually consist of real-life situations for which students have to develop a solution. Students are encouraged to participate in as many competitions as they want, in categories ranging from Medical Terminology to debates. HOSA prepares its members for these types of competitions by providing them with resources and by encouraging them to research for information regarding the topic. Kost mentioned, “We are also exploring the possibility of having experts from each specialization come in to share their knowledge about the topics to students.”
The HOSA club held their first meeting for the 2016-17 year on Friday, Sept. 16, and will continue to meet once a month in room 0066. However, students interested in the club can still contact Mr. Larry Hipp, Teja Paturu, or Victoria Kost for information.