Nightcrawler makes skin crawl

Jake Gyllenhaal has been a prolific actor for some time, starring in a wide variety of roles. As the lead in Nightcrawler, he is simply stunning. The only thing more criminal than the character he portrays in the recent film is how underrated he is.

What’s amazing about his performance is that women will still be attracted to the creepy sociopath he portrays. The performance was absolutely unnerving and lent itself well to the feeling that Nightcrawler had intended to evoke.

The reason to watch this movie is simply Jake Gyllenhaal: it’s the only reason you need. The unusual thing about this film is there are only two characters who get developed besides Gyllenhaal’s. It is sad that the great performances of Rene Russo and Riz Ahmed get eclipsed so much by Gyllenhaal’s character, Lou Bloom.

This movie does in fact crawl along, but that is the beauty of it. The film has audiences constantly waiting for what the depraved Bloom will do next in his independent news career. An intense build up is created throughout which climaxes with a high octane car chase that is uncharacteristic to this type of thriller.

This film is not for an audience that craves action, as it has really only one action scene. What drives this character-driven film is experiencing the deplorable activities these independent news people, referred to as nightcrawlers, will undergo.

Just like the Los Angeles underbelly setting, the movie feels dark and dirty. Lou Bloom is a self driven sociopath and is very manipulative. He frequently demonstrates his ability to negotiate during the movie, which highlights the money-motivated undertones that the film possesses.

A large factor in the success in Nightcrawler is its directing and camera work. Director Dan Gilroy provides a nocturnal mood that wracks the nerves. He appropriately makes what is being depicted seem more like a news report than a budgeted Hollywood production. The essence of that style is what takes the storytelling to the next level. With the ability to move audiences like an impressionist work of music, Nightcrawler creates a delightfully unsettling atmosphere.

Nightcrawler is worth your time. It makes uncomfortable feel so good. While it isn’t for those who are sensitive to creepy characters, it is by no means a Scream-like thriller. If you enjoyed The Silence of the Lambs, you will enjoy this movie.