Parkas and Patagonias

Parkas and Patagonias

When it comes to living in the freezing region of Wisconsin, everyone needs a warm and comfortable coat to wear during the winter time. Two particular clothing items that have been trending recently include North Face parkas and Patagonia fleeces.

Although both are starting to trend, many people have begun to think that Patagonia is more high quality and preppy.

“When I was younger, I always would wear North Face,” says freshman Nora Barker. “But now that I’m older, I like to be a little bit more diverse than the rest of the people at school. In my opinion Patagonias are the next big thing.”

Patagonias come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and range from  around $100-300. North Faces Parkas also come in a wide variety of colors and styles and cost around $300. So, although the prices and varieties are very similar in both jackets, it is up to the buyer to decide which they prefer.

“I love the style of the Patagonias much better than The North Face, but because of how much they cost, The North Face Parka is always a much better option since they will last much longer and be worn more frequently than Patagonia fleeces,” said Jenny Cape, a journalism student at Brookfield Central High School.

After a poll was done with two hundred people by on December 31, 2013, it came to the conclusion that Patagonias are the most preppy form of outdoor wear over the North Face.

Even major fashion companies such as Vogue say, “Patagonia fleece is the new height of chic.” Vogue says that too many people have worn The North Face over the years, and that Patagonias are a fresh and preppy new trend.

“I don’t own a Patagonia or North Face,” says Sam Kult. “But, I do notice lots of girls wearing the black North Face, but even more wearing bright fleece Patagonias of different colors. I much rather prefer the Patagonia fleeces and I would even consider buying one.”

So if you’re looking for a good Christmas present for almost anyone in the family, saving up for a Patagonia is a great idea! They are available in many stores and online.

“I know that all I want for Christmas is a royal blue Patagonia. They are the biggest trend at school and I just have to have one!” says DSHA student Kelly Reilley.