Battle of the Bottles

Contigo vs. CamelBak

The Contigo 24 oz. Grace Water Bottle

The Contigo 24 oz. Grace Water Bottle

The most popular brand of water bottle in American high schools is the CamelBak, but its shelfside competitor Contigo might just have outpaced this company in terms of technology. With its promise of a “leak-free” water bottle, Contigo offers a leg-up over the common everyday-use bottle brand. To determine which is a better deal, the function, price, and appearance of the two products must be taken into account.

CamelBak’s classic model is known as the Eddy. While it has gained the company wide-scale success and massive demand, the bottles are known to be prone to leaking and mold. Reviews on CamelBak’s website state that the bottle’s limitations are frequent leaks and cleaning difficulties. The lesser-known Contigo brand produces a similar bottle known as the Grace, which received superior reviews. According to customers, this bottle only leaks if it is used to hold carbonated beverages that dissolve the inner lining of the spout. The push-button never discolors, as the CamelBak buttons are apt to do, and the bottles only grow mold if they are left uncleaned for long periods of time.

In addition to technology, Contigo also has the advantage in marketing. The 24-ounce size sells for $11 and the 32-ounce for $13, which makes both slightly cheaper than the CamelBak Eddy, which retails for $15 and $16 respectively. With these bottles placed right next to each other on store shelves, you might wonder why anyone would choose the pricier version.

The answer is simple: appearance. CamelBaks are generally more attractive than the competitor. The thinner plastic of the bottle results in a slimmer look, which is more sleek than the bulky Contigo design. In addition, CamelBak bottles come in around twelve colors, whereas Contigo versions in the same size have only six.

Contigo’s lack of popularity is not surprising. They might be statistically better-functioning and cheaper than the competitor, but for an extra four dollars, a consumer can purchase a bottle that fits with the bandwagon and comes with twice as many color options. The verdict? If you are looking for a water bottle to use every day that you are willing to replace when you want a different style, CamelBak is an appropriate option. However, if you are looking for one to use for sport and recreation for multiple years without replacement, then the Contigo model is more economic.