BC shortens passing times to create ‘Lancer Block’

As students moved from class to class this fall, something was different. The generous eight minute passing times which once allowed for a locker stop, a bathroom break, and a round of Trivia Crack no longer marked the end of a block. With the addition of the “Lancer Block,” Brookfield Central opted to shorten passing times to five minutes to keep as many class minutes as possible. Lancer Block, a 34 minute de facto study hall, was built into the school day to allow students to make up work, receive extra help, and contact their teachers during the school day.

To prevent adding Lancer Block at the expense of cutting significant class time, Administration sees shorter passing times as a perfect solution.

“Students still have time to get to class and teachers retain most instruction time” explains Associate Principal, Mrs. Farley.

Her words hold true; last year’s 90 minute blocks have only been reduced to 86 minutes while building in the 34 minute Lancer Block.

Not every student is happy with the passing time change though, even if it allows for Lancer Block. Growing bathroom lines are replete with conversations about how there is not enough time to use the restroom and stop at lockers, and teachers find themselves writing additional bathroom passes in place of those three lost minutes at each passing time. But many teachers who have spent years at Central fondly recall the days of four minute passing times. It is safe to say that all of Brookfield Central would rather keep the five minutes than think about returning to only four.