An Intimate Valentine’s Date


Kaitlyn Brayer

Love simply showers one in happiness; it cannot be escaped.

It is almost that special time of the year when you get to show your loved ones how much they mean to you by planning a romantic date. The date has to be special and perfect. Depending on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s personality there are many ways for the date to be set up. Here are a few suggestions for an intimate Valentine’s date.

Less is More

This suggestion is best if your loved one is very simple in taste and you don’t have any funds to do anything extravagant. All you have to do is set aside some personal time with your partner and stare into your loved one’s eyes for 5 minutes. They’ll feel your love pouring into their soul and will want to reciprocate the feeling by gazing back into your eyes. If you two are not the serious type then make a game of it! Stare into each other’s eyes without blinking.

A Night at the Museum

Take your loved one on an adventure this Valentine’s Day and explore a museum in the dark. Most museums close at 5pm so be sure to arrive at 4:30 to find a good hiding spot. Your significant other will be impressed at your stealth and will cherish the memories they will have made while dodging security guards and cameras.

Love Beyond the Grave

Nothing will show the immortality of your love like a picnic in a graveyard. Any local cemetery will do. Pick your favorite headstone and set up the picnic. Be sure not to sit directly on top of the graves! To make the date even more special, wait until dark and lie down on the ground among the graves and hold hands with your date.

Inseparable Day

This next date is very intimate. Spend the whole day with your date. Not just from 10am-8pm but 12am-12am. Your date will appreciate you wanting to be with them every hour of the day. It is in the most non romantic moments that a deep connection is formed. Who knew love could grow between partners while using the bathroom? Towards the middle of the day it may become exhausting to follow your date at a 1 meter radius, but you will overcome it.

Movie Date

This last date is a classic and unlikely to go poorly. Pick any movie that you have already seen and watch it with your date. During the film put your arm around your date and in a soft, seductive voice, spoil the entire plot to them. They will love your embrace as you eliminate all expectations they had about the film. By watching the movie without any intrigue they will invest all their time in just spending time with you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!