Physical Education teachers create Wellness Wednesdays


Sam Kult

Students play basketball in the main gym as a part of their Wellness Wednesday Lancer Block during the month of January.

Recently, Brookfield Central’s physical education staff introduced the “Wellness Wednesday” option during Lancer Block, which will be available for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year.

There are a variety of options and activities that students can participate in every Wednesday during Lancer Block, such as basketball, yoga, and weight lifting. The goal of implementing Wellness Wednesday is to allow students to take a break from academics and enjoy time unwinding.

“I’ve noticed how stressed my students are,” said health teacher Mrs. Megan Arndorfer, “I see the importance of having breaks from studying.”

Mrs. Arndorfer has recognized the pressure that the students of Brookfield Central have faced over the years. She also noticed that students not studying during Lancer Block are likely to spend their time on their cell phones. As a result, she and the other physical education teachers wanted to come up with a way for students to enjoy some fun, physical activities during Lancer Block.

“I can be active, and I don’t have to worry about school for 30 minutes,” said Jenny Cape (’18), who plays basketball during Wellness Wednesdays.

In addition to sports in the gym, Coach Kennedy has also made the weight room open to students during Lancer Block.

Max Schroeder (’17) added, “I like to do the exercises I want to do, and it also is nice to get some physical activity between classes.”

Mrs. Arndorfer and Mrs. Seibel have been leading activities that are especially beneficial to stressed out students, such as yoga classes and progressive muscle relaxation exercises. “The students could lead yoga too,” said Mrs. Arndorfer, “especially if they want to become a yoga instructor.”

In addition to physical activities, the staff members came up with other fun events to take place in the auxiliary gym, including comedy shows, comedy sports, lip-synching competitions, karaoke, magic shows, and more. In the main gym, tournaments of a new sports run once a month with up to 36 participants.

“Students will also have the opportunity to show off their talents and practice their skills on their friends,” said Mrs. Arndorfer.

Numerous students have utilized their Lancer Block for physical activity and have enjoyed Wellness Wednesday’s wide array of activities: “If I don’t have any homework, it is fun to come and shoot [hoops] with my friends so I’m not bored just sitting in the classroom,” said Cape.

Students have also felt that their concentration in classes after Wellness Wednesday improved from physical activity. “I personally can’t sit in a desk all day,” said Schroeder.

The rest of the Brookfield Central staff has also taken interest in Wellness Wednesday. Staff members have played music during passing time on most Wednesdays. With the addition of Wellness Wednesday, the Brookfield Central staff is committed to making the school week more enjoyable for students.