April Crossword!

CrosswordPuzzleONLINELeslie Bonilla


2. Old-fashioned word for silly behavior
4. April ______ bring May flowers
8. Objects many people dye for Easter
10. Word for extremely funny
13. This character is to Easter as Santa Claus is to Christmas
14. A silly verb that means to confound or to deceive
1. Some people get these when they are around pollen, grass, etc
3. Name for baby birds
5. The week off from school at the end of March
6. Plural of moose
7. A practical joke or trick
9. Adjective used to describe someone who is easily fooled

10. Pale, soft colors associated with springtime

11. Delicious and adorable marshmallow creatures!


For answers, please click on: https://bctyro.com/?p=5193&preview=true