“Fuller House” stays true to original while making its own mark



“Fuller House” premiered Feb. 26 as a heartwarming family comedy and sequel to “Full House.”

Feb. 26, the world witnessed the release of Fuller House, the long awaited spinoff of the 90s sitcom Full House, on Netflix. Although some fans argue that Fuller House did not do enough justice to its predecessor, most agree that it was a pleasure to see the legendary cast working together again.

Fuller House is led mostly by the former child star actresses of Full House, Candace Cameron Bure (D.J Tanner), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner), and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler), who in the show raise three boys and a girl with the assistance of our favorite Full House characters, Danny Tanner played by Bob Saget, Jesse Katsopolis played by John Stamos, and Joey Gladstone played by Dave Coulier. The newest additions to the legendary cast are Michael Campion who plays the role of D.J’s oldest son Jackson, Elias Harger who plays the role of D.J’s second oldest son Max, Dashiell & Fox Messitt who play the role of D.J’s infant son Tommy, and Soni Nicole Bringas who plays the role of Kimmy’s thirteen year old daughter Ramona.

While watching the first season of Fuller House, it is quite noticeable that the show‘s plot shares many similarities with its predecessor. In Fuller House, the child stars of Full House replace their parents and guardians. D.J Tanner’s role is very similar to that of Danny Tanner’s role in Full House in that they both are single parents who attempt to raise three children while searching for a romantic partner. Stephanie seems to take up a role very similar to that of Jesse’s in Full House. Stephanie is also a musician, who, like Jesse, voluntarily steps in to help raise her sibling’s children. Kimmy Gibbler fills in the shoes of Joey by being the goofy friend who steps into raise her best friend’s children.

Nevertheless, Fuller House does have its distinct differences from Full House. In Fuller House, the genders of the adults and children are switched. Three women raise four children, who are mostly boys, with the exception of Kimmy’s daughter, Ramona. In addition, Fuller House stays up to date with current technology and pop culture. More significantly, the youngest child in Full House, Michelle Tanner, was not included in the first season of Fuller House, since actresses Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen still remain undecided on whether they want to participate in the sequel.

Still, Fuller House is a must-watch show for serious Full House fans, who were always left wanting more. March 2 the series was renewed for a second season.