Mrs. Premo joins BCHS Guidance

Among the many changes to BC this year, the most significant change occurred in the guidance office, or Student Services. BC welcomes the new school counselor, Mrs. Premo! She has taken over the students that used to meet with Mrs. Bauer, who recently resigned.
Originally from Minnesota, Mrs. Premo attended college at University of Wisconsin- Stout. She got her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies, then went on to her two-year Master’s Program in School Counseling. She recently married her college sweetheart who is a teacher at Sussex-Hamilton. While they don’t have any kids, they do have a black lab puppy.
It is clear that Mrs. Premo is passionate about helping others as school counselor. She recalled that ever since high school, that is what she wanted to become. This was sparked when a teacher commented on how good she was at helping her peers. Mrs. Premo also mentioned, “It’s important for me to know my students. So, I want to get to know you, I want to know your name, or a little bit of a background, your career goals.” Without a doubt, she focuses on the full and total development of her students. She was willing to spend an hour talking about colleges and has a rule against picking up the phone when in a meeting with a student.
Before starting at BC, Mrs. Premo worked at Nathan Hale High School. So far, the transition to Central has been smooth. When asked about the biggest challenge she’s faced since she started working here, Mrs. Premo immediately said, “The building.” Just like all of the freshmen, she has to learn the labyrinth that is known as Brookfield Central. For now, she carries a map with her, but she hopes to learn her way around the school relatively soon.
Mrs. Premo would like all students at BC to know that “My door is always open for you, regardless if you’re my student or not. Just pop in to say hello, or if there’s news you want to share with me. My door’s always open for you.”