Don’t Breathe is “thrilling and suspenseful”

After planning what seems like an easy heist for three Detroit delinquents, they soon discover that the blind man they are attempting to rob is much more than an obstacle: he’s a threat to their lives. In the movie Don’t Breathe, Rocky (Jane Levy), Money (Daniel Zovatto), and Alex (Dylan Minnette) are thieves hoping to get out of Detroit. Money receives word of a blind veteran (Stephen Lang) housing more than $300,000 from a settlement after his only daughter was killed. Figuring that the money would be an easy way out, the trio invades the veteran’s sequestered property, bypasses the security and makes it into the house. However, events take a turn for the worse when Money foolishly opens fire in the veteran’s home, resulting in the thief’s death.
A game of cat and mouse ensues as Rocky and Alex fight to stay alive. The pair navigates through the house and, despite having the benefit of sight over their pursuer, their desperate attempts at escape are futile.
Using camera angles and plot twists to their advantage, director Frede Alvarez and cinematographer Pedro Luque make this experience even more thrilling. On several occasions, the audience is left in the dark–quite literally–wondering where the seemingly ceaseless chase will lead them.
One would expect a movie such as Don’t Breathe to reach its typical conclusion: an escape. However, with such little space for character development, the film relies on shock value to prevent its extensive plot from falling flat. As with many movies of this particular genre, there are plot holes where the story rushes to reach a resolution. Despite this, the film includes enough adrenaline pumping scenes to make these minor lapses irrelevant. Overall, Don’t Breathe combines the reality of human fear with unforgiving elements of horror to create a perfectly disturbing and suspenseful thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end of the film.